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Telehealth Update

ILSA legislative team had an excellent meeting with Representative Jones https://www.ilga.gov/house/rep.asp?GA=97&MemberID=1782 and Senator Harris http://www.senatornapoleonharris.com/ from Illinois to discuss telehealth. They have questions about our practice and need all practitioners’ input who live in Illinois. Please take 5 minutes for the following survey. https://forms.gle/B1UK87CbFrM4Cs6FA


Our meeting last week, which we thought was only to include acupuncturists in telehealth, turned out to be more people than our group and the Illinois Representative and Senator. We were part of a broader call, including a family physician representative, nurses, mental health providers, and advocacy representatives for the underserved. We got quick feedback that no groups opposed the addition of acupuncturists to the list of telehealth providers. They requested us to send over the draft language for the proposed bill amendment.


More extensive than what we anticipated initially is that they asked us to provide data on our profession and how telehealth will impact our ability to serve our patients and reach the underserved. Providing accurate data is why the survey is of extreme importance, and we only have a week turn around time, so please do it this week. We will also use this survey data to help make our case for Medicaid inclusion and BCBS evaluation and management codes.


Lastly, we are potentially going to be a part of this team to help draft a pilot program in Illinois, working with a group of practitioners offering telehealth to document cost savings and reach those in underserved areas.

Thanks for participating in your profession!
ILSA Legislative team

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