03/11/2023 - 03/12/2023    
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ILSA is delighted to present

Sharon Weizenbaum

Treating the Life Force with Classical Chinese Herbalism

  • 80 in person seats are available
  • The class will also be streaming online for attendees that prefer not to travel
  • Saturday evening, ILSA will host a meet and greet after class with food and refreshments for all registered attendees.


Class time : Saturday 9am to 5pm, Sunday 8am to 4pm

In this weekend course, we will be looking at Chinese herbal medicine through the lens of this warm life-force. We will look at the physiology of the Shang Han Lun as all about the Yang, the warm life-force. We will see how the Yang conformations, Tai Yang, Yang Ming and Shao Yang, relating to hollow organs, each in their own way work to help receive and circulate the warm life force. We will then see how the Yin conformations, which relate to Zang, storage organs, help us absorb and store the warm life force. Seeing through the framework of the warm life force, sheds clarifying light onto the structure of the Shang Han Lun, the deep meaning of the clauses and the focused use of the classic formulas from the text.

  • How do the conformations each function to help us receive, store and circulate the warm life-force?
  • How do we recognize the way in which the conformations are not functioning properly to do this?
  • What does it look like, clinically, for the warm life-force to not be received, to not be stored and to not be circulated properly?
  • How are all of the classic formulas each working to restore reception, storage and/or circulation of the warm life-force?
  • What is the Ministerial Fire and what happens when it loses its “Position?” How do you get it back to its correct place?
  • How do we think about Immune vs. Autoimmune and stay true to the principles of Chinese medicine?


Special focus will be placed on understanding how illnesses that include pathological heat are illnesses in which the warmth of life is blocked or failing to be stored properly. We will look at illnesses such as menopausal syndrome, sjogren’s, migraine headaches, anxiety and insomnia as illnesses in which the Yang is either failing to circulate properly or failing to be stored properly. Seemingly complex, mixed patterns will become simple to understand with the guidance of Zhang Zhong-Jing.




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