02/05/2022 - 03/20/2022    
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Bookings closed

We are happy to announce our upcoming Advanced Series for 2022! We’ve put together a package deal for the three classes, with special early bird pricing through November 30 of this year.

Here they are:

  • Diseases and Point Combinations (Feb. 5-6)
  • The Ancient Art of Cupping (Mar. 19)
  • The Ancient Art of Bleeding (Mar. 20)

All courses will be taught via Zoom, from 9 am – 5 pm in the Central Time Zone (We have provided links under each listing if you would like to translate this into your time zone.)

Diseases and Point Combinations
In this advanced course, Susan discusses various clinical applications of Tung’s Points. For those that are new to Tung’s Points, you may want to take the Beginning Series beforehand, but it is not absolutely necessary, and not required. (Learn more)

The Ancient Art of Cupping
Susan presents the art of cupping with the benefit of her numerous years in practice and of synthesizing available information. She will begin with a lecture exploring and differentiating all the different styles of suction techniques, as well as gwa sha. (Learn more)

The Ancient Art of Bleeding
The art of bleeding is a cross-cultural modality used from time immemorial, in ancient Egypt, India, the Middle East and throughout all of Asia. This course is designed to explore: the origins of blood-letting; different styles and forms of bleeding; sterile technique and safety concerns; and to provide instruction on a wide variety of points that are bled for common ailments. (Learn more)

Class Pricing

Three-Class Package

Early Bird Pricing (Ends 11/30)
ILSA Member: $800
Non-ILSA Member: $1000

After 11/30

ILSA Member: $950
Non-ILSA Member: $1150

Diseases & Point Combinations

ILSA Member: $575
Non-ILSA Member: $675

Ancient Art of Cupping

ILSA Member: $290
Non-ILSA Member: $340

Ancient Art of Bleeding

ILSA Member: $285
Non-ILSA Member: $335


Bookings are closed for this event.