10/14/2023 - 10/15/2023    
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Pacific College of Health and Science
65 E Wacker Pl, 17th floor, Chicago, IL, 60601
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Janice Walton Hadlock

Feeling channel Qi

How to detect channel Qi & How to use the information diagnostically

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Date: October 14 -15, 2023

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm 

Location: Pacific College of Health & Science 65 E Wacker Pl, 17th floor, Chicago, IL   

13 CEU’s awarded

This class will teach how to detect a patient’s channel Qi.  Students will practice on each other, and the class teacher will walk the room, making sure that students are successful in learning to recognize the sensations given off by channel Qi.

Lecture on the classical importance of feeling the patient’s channel Qi will include the changes in channel routing in each of the four neurological modes (parasympathetic, sympathetic, sleep, and pre-death, or  “pause”).

“Change of channel Qi routes in the four phases (neurological modes) allows us to be Close to the Divine (parasympathetic mode), Run from Danger (sympathetic mode), Sleep, and Cling to Life (pause mode).  – Nei Jing, Chapter 13-9  The Nei Jing also notes that,for diagnostics,  the channel Qi is more important, “is the sun”,  compared to tongue and pulse, which are only “the moon.”  

Once a health practitioner has observed how/if the channels are going awry, lecture will discuss how to determine the most efficient and effective treatment plan.

Following the treatment (needles, moxa, herb-testing), the patient’s channel Qi can be detected again, to see if beneficial changes have occurred.

 Students who are already experienced at feeling channel Qi will be shown how to differentiate between the different channels. For example, the effervescent Liver channel Qi gives off a very different feeling than the Spleen channel Qi (stodgy) or the Kidney channel Qi (slow and deep, close to the bone).

Invariably, some students in the class will be manifesting channel Qi patterns that are aberrant. Student volunteers will be treated in class. Observing students will be able to feel the channel Qi flow before and after treatment.

Q and A will be offered both days, throughout the class.


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