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At the end of 2017, the IL Acupuncture Practice Act was renewed without concessions and without any other professions gaining access to acupuncture and additional modalities. This was an important process in the acupuncture profession for IL-not only for practitioners but also to patients. Our profession and medicine must stay protected and secure for the future of our community. At this time, in our state, MD’s and Chiropractors are allowed to practice acupuncture. It is vital that we keep our lawmakers educated of the requirements for strict and permanent standards regarding the practice of acupuncture. Contact info@ilsacu.org to join the committee.

Goals for 2019-2020:
Research ways to add access to acupuncture through Medicaid in Illinois
Ensure acupuncturists are able to enroll in the BCBS network
Monitor physical therapists doing dry needling that do not meet the current requirements: Click here to see a comparison chart.
Lobby Day in Springfield


Our key annual event to bring our profession together and newly designed to pull in more esteemed colleagues in other fields to celebrate acupuncture and herbal medicine as it integrates with other fields of medicine. This was formerly known as Asian Moon Festival and Chinese New Year. Contact info@ilsacu.org to join the committee.

Continuing Education

Maintaining excellence in our field is one of the highest focuses for the profession. This is done by offering courses of a variety of interests and a high rigor. ILSA is working towards focusing on three CEU in person a year and offering 16 free CEUs as a member benefit through Health CMI. Contact CE@ilsacu.org to join the committee.


Goal: 50% of total acupuncturists in IL +1
With a unified voice, our profession can be heard.

Membership committee is a fun way to get involved and meet other acupuncture practitioners and future practitioners. Growing and maintaining our base membership is the foundation of ILSA. ILSA is a member based organization. Without members, it is nothing. Contact membership@ilsacu.org to join the committee

Walk-A-Thon/Reconnect With Nature

The benefit of being in nature cannot be overstated. It is for this reason and to invite more people in the local community we are moving towards a nature experience. Solely walking to raise money and awareness about acupuncture is a great start, but this event is now evolving to expand to more groups as well and get people outside and reconnecting with each other and the world at large. Contact walk@ilsacu.org to join the committee

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